During the last year’s Augmented Reality (A.R.) training program with Kumasi Hive. The head of technology for aireceive lead a very able team to build wonelcycer.

Wonelcycer is a pun of “recycle now” pronounced backwards. Wonelcycer helps you find the value of your trash and educate you on the options you have in dealing with your trash. Basically, wonelcycer helps you turn your trash to cash.

The app has gone on to win lots of awards & recognitions :

1. Hackathon winner, 21st September, 2018, Ghana

2. Generation Unlimited, UNICEF, November, 2018, Ghana

3. World Bank Youth Summit, Washington DC 20433, United States Of America, 25 December 2018

4. Listed for consideration, Ministry of Sanitation & Water Resources, April 2019

5. Featured as a plastic waste management innovation, Citi TV News, May/June 2019